Weekend Hangover: Harry Potter Prequels, Robo-Fish, Unreleased Gandalf Animation, More


What stories fell through the cracks this past weekend? With the aid of ace compiler Kyle LeClair, we’ll tell you.

This week’s tipsters include: Gallen_Dugall, Anyone00, SlyDante777, rkwsuperstar, troi, BumblebeeZ3, Timely-Tardis-Lego, RegularStormy

-Yep, looks like a Harry Potter “prequel trilogy” is happening.

-Cupcakes in space!

-The generic corporate commercial

-Argentinean Noah’s Ark movie appears to have anticipated Avatar.

-The real Krypton?

-This Fantasia game’s still not out yet?

-Filleted or alive, Robo-fish is coming with me.

-Boobsploitation for the DS…I think (can ‘t understand any of the trailer, but the visuals are pretty clear)

-Remember when Pearl Jam released, like, 72 live albums on the same day? Wu-Tang Clan just announced the opposite of that.

-“YOU…SHALL…NOT…PASS”…up the chance to see deleted Gandalf footage from Ralph Bakshi’s Lord of the Rings.

-Spider-Man 2099 is back…just no longer in 2099.

-Goat, buster!

-Want to see how hard an anime girl can suck?

-Darth Vader runs for president of Ukraine. He would have tried this shtick in Iraq, but he doesnt like sand. It gets everywhere.

Wolfenstein Deluxe Edition comes with everything except the actual game.

-Absinthe addict game Spate finally comes out.

-So long and thanks for all the borscht.

-Resumes are awesome! Resumes this cool should make you part of the team!

-An advance look at Japanese Titanfall toys.

-You like big ponies? You like to put big ponies in your mouth? Well, what are you – a gay pony?

-Tom and Jerry, recreated with anime machinima

-In a nexus of suckitude, Corey Feldman teams with Henry Jaglom’s favorite actress Tanna Frederick to create a music video called “DUH.”

Attack on Titanfall was inevitable