Exclusive Clip From Lucky McKee & Chris Sivertson’s All Cheerleaders Die


My history with this movie is longer than you might believe.

In my senior year of college, McKee and Sivertson lived a few doors down from me in university apartment housing. They were always doing things a little differently; for one, they were the only people I knew in my whole college career who pulled their beds out into the living room so that their bedroom could become a more private screening room of sorts.

After they graduated, they set to work shooting a feature on video that would become the first version of All Cheerleaders Die. It included pretty much everyone they knew in some capacity, except me…having just started my first job as a professional writer, I didn’t have the liberty to travel upstate and be a part of it. I still have a VHS screener of it somewhere – the highlight, as I recall, was the performance by our pal Zach Passero, who invariably would bust out his Elvis impersonation even when playing a high-school football player. Zach would later go on to direct music videos for Ministry, and the movie Wicked Lake, in which I appear as a self-pleasuring redneck (not a stretch).

Years passed, and Lucky had some success with cult horror flicks May and The Woman, while Chris debuted with the brilliantly brutal The Lost, then scored a heap of Razzie nominations with the Lindsay Lohan-starring I Know Who Killed Me. A year or so ago, I was shocked to see an email about a new movie called All Cheerleaders Die, and I just assumed somebody stole their title. Turns out they’d come together to remake their first film, this time with distribution and a decent budget. The original was more of a straight zombie movie, while this goes down a more complicated path.

It’s opening Friday, May 8th on-demand, and in theaters June 13th, and they gave me an exclusive clip to show you. Maddy, the main character, has infiltrated the squad to try and get revenge for the death of her best friend in a cheerleading accident the year prior. As she ingratiates herself, she starts sowing seeds of discontent that boil over into violence, supernatural spells and disaster…this clip takes place the day after that goes down.

And here’s the official trailer, which in my opinion is super spoiler-heavy, and should be avoided if you already plan on seeing the movie.