Via Online Dating Buzzwords, We’ve Figured out the Perfect Gift

Every so often, by which I mean every day, I get weird article pitches from people who’ve obviously never read this site, with come-ons like , “Are you working on any celebrity plastic surgery stories?” Sometimes, for kicks, I’ll read them. Then, from time to time, they’ll make me feel smart. Like today, I got this from a dating site called PlentyofFish, which I assume was not intended as a derogatory vaginal reference…

The 5-most popular words among both sexes who left the dating site in a relationship are:

1. love
2. time
3. life
4. friend
5. music

Y-you mean? All this time, I had the perfect romantic talisman available to me via 1-800 number and I didn’t even know it?


It’s science, folks. You can’t argue with it unless you’re a heathen.