Cthulhu Rises in Trailer for Jack Chick Tract Adaptation Dark Dungeons


Filmmaker JR Ralls actually did it – he raised the money to make the first authorized, feature-length adaptation of one of Jack Chick’s evangelical comics – the one that conclusively proves that RPGs are a tool of Satan. Playing it poker-faced enough to get Chick to sign off on it, Ralls has nonetheless clearly made something sufficiently absurd that I bet most of its fans will not likely be hysterical suburban parents terrified that the devil has their children. And as you can see from the image above, Cthulhu, whom the movie proclaims to be absolutely real (I missed that part in the Bible), gets his closeup.

Dark Dungeons premieres at Gen Con Indy, and is up for preorder now on the movie’s official website.

via Geekosystem