Left Behind Trailer Needs More Nicolas Cage


This is the rare case of a reboot I’m sort-of behind, since there’s no way a Nic Cage movie can be worse than a Kirk Cameron movie…right? (Let us take an obligatory moment to note that they’re not playing the same character.) It is, however, from the same people who brought you the original (which probably means similarly horrible songs on the soundtrack). And based on a dubious interpretation of Scripture brought to you by the man behind the Salem witch trials.

But if Cage is Cage-y enough, none of that will be a problem – and he’s done a decent version of the Rapture before in Knowing. I’m just hoping that he isn’t pulling a Season of the Witch and sleepwalking through this new one. What we see here makes me wonder…but I don’t think God would want that.

If nothing else, this trailer rather definitively proves that the phrases “New York Times Bestseller” and “Academy Award-Winning Actor” mean absolutely nothing.