Mind-Blowing 18″ Titanfall Toy Reveals Full Details, Is Even Mind-Blowinger


Remember this 18″ Titanfall toy, complete with fully articulated pilot?

Not that you needed to cry more about what you can’t afford and won’t own, but more has been revealed. Titanfall Atlas specs & features:

* model stand with ~20inches tall.
* incredibly detailed and over 100 articulation parts.
* 5 real pistons control the movement of the waist.
* comes with XO-16 Chaingun. (detachable ammo drum)
* fully openable hatch with cockpit.
* movable armor plates on both torso & legs.
* light up feature for top part and cockpit with interchangeable red & blue color.
* rotatable front vision ball.
* 2 side gun magazine case with fabric material.
* articulating fingers & toes.
* fully posable 6 inches IMC Battle Rifle Pilot figure, which can be position inside the cockpit.
* pilot figure comes with detailed armor parts, with R-101C Carbine and fabric clothing.
* 3A X 2 batteries (batteries not included)

Pre-order opens on June 16th, 9:00AM Hong Kong time at, and it costs $430 US. Plus shipping.

Just to make you feel even more pain, here are some videos demonstrating the hatch and light-up features.

I’m sorry. If it makes you feel better, I can’t afford one either.