New Optimus Prime Movie Repaint Is a Little Rusty


I presume the highlight of the Transformers: Age of Extinction trailers so far for you has been the Generation 1-style Optimus Prime truck mode shown at the beginning, a.k.a. the why-the-fuck-didn’t-you-do-this-from-the-beginning-michael-bay moment. And don’t think the toy companies don’t know it. In addition to Hasbro releasing an “Evasion Mode” Prime already in the classic red and blue, there’s now this rust-colored version that better mimics the look he has when Marky Mark first pulls him into the workshop as an apparent wreck.

The bad news is that this is Takara, not Hasbro, and thus there’s no indication yet that there’ll be a domestic release. Also, how the hell does THIS version manage to have the flames on it? They’re not quite nipples on Batman…but they are mildly akin to Christian Bale’s excessive rasp on Batrman.

via Planet Iacon