Does the Galaxy Really Need a Sequel to The People Vs. George Lucas?

If you loved The Empire Strikes Back and were too old for the Ewoks in Return of the Jedi but really hated Jar Jar in The Phantom Menace and thought maybe Revenge of the Sith could’ve been worse and also enjoyed The People Vs. George Lucas, you might moderately enjoy The People Vs. George Lucas: Episode II.

At least that seems to be what the producers of Episode II are betting on.

The poster is clever enough: Ol’ Georgie Boy on Tatooine with the shadow of Mickey Mouse behind him. But do we really need another one of these movies?

Fans are often characterized by what they dislike as much as by what they like, and over the years Lucas has messed with his beloved franchise enough to piss off his acolytes royally, but now it’s just starting to feel a little like the people behind the The People Vs. George Lucas are exploiting those same fans.

At least they’re not going back and reediting the first one again. But I just can’t imagine they’re going to pull off an Irvin Kershner on this sequel.