That Time Young Joaquin Phoenix Was a Murderous Superboy


Though this clip has been on YouTube almost as long as Topless Robot has been around, I think, like Mark Millar, that this is the first time we’re noticing it. Joaquin, then known as Leaf, does Henry Cavill Supes proud by using his super-breath and heat-vision to rain death upon the three insanely stereotypical ’80s bullies who dare to throw him in a dumpster.

It’s just a dream and he’s not actually Superboy. But if I remember the show rightly, I think he winds up with other abilities that bring him into conflict with the real Clark Kent. I’m sure Superboy won in the end, but young Leaf was playing a long game, and as Zack Snyder’s other superhero likes to say, “Nothing ever ends.”

And tipping us off to this via Twitter is the greatest thing Mark Millar has done in quite some time.