Justin Bieber Will Voice Knight Rider‘s KITT in the Upcoming Killing Hasselhoff


Hey, remember that “Untitled Celebrity Death Pool Movie” starring Ken Jeong, the Hoff and Hulk Hogan? It just got even more unBeliebable. It seems David’s old Knight Rider co-car KITT is in the movie, and he’ll be voiced by everyone except George Takei’s least-favorite Canadian. Justin Bieber will presumably be following in the proud tradition of George Clooney Bat-nipples as he screws up an iconic role even worse than Val Kilmer did*.

Check out the video in which a drunk-looking Hoff bobs back and forth explaining that he did an unspecified “favor” for Justin Bieber (let your imagination run wild on that one, folks), and was owed one back.

And if your reaction is to say that Hasselhoff has terrible taste in music, my response is “DUH!”

*to be honest, I liked Val’s Bruce Wayne. But I wasn’t going to let that get in the way of a passable joke.