We’ve Had Enough ’50s Sci-Fi Spoofs; Time for the ’70s to Get Theirs in Space Station 76


Smoking in space, extremely limited personal robots and power gloves of the kind that would appear in the then-far-future ’80s, great sideburns, gratuitous yoga references, motherfucking PRACTICAL MODELS, tight outfits and everything about the innuendo – yes, Space Station 76, rather than “raping my childhood,” is attempting a sweet seduction of it.

This movie actually opens in a week and a half, and with a cast that includes Liv Tyler and Patrick Wilson, I’m surprised I haven’t heard more about it. It marks the directorial debut of professional acting teacher Jack Plotnick, who clearly has high-powered clients, but perhaps needs a lesson in hype.

One suggestion – if it does well, instead of a sequel, Plotnick should just insert a bunch of bad, circa-1997 CGI creatures and distractions and call it a Special Edition. Meanwhile, check out the trailer…