How “Col. Schrader” Shredder Might Have Looked in the Teenage Mutant Alien Turtles That Wasn’t


While the recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie wasn’t good, one thing we can say for it is that it didn’t depart from canon as much as we had heard it might. I read that original draft that had them being aliens from Dimension X, and it was bananas, with a budget that would have gone through the roof. Bebop, Rocksteady, Krang and the Technodrome were in it, as was a visit to the Turtles’ homeworld. And Shredder was a military white guy named Schrader.

Concept designs by Tsevtomir Georgiev have been revealed online now (on his Facebook page), and while the “Schrader” above would have been pretty bad, there’s a more cartoon-faithful evolution also. Bebop and Rocksteady look just like they should, and Krang is a cool update. The turtles, alas, were always meant to be the grotesque lipped-and-nostriled things we ended up getting. They didn’t end up being aliens, but if you thought the designs looked alien anyway, this is why.

via ComicBookMovie.