The Other Rapture Movie “in Theaters” Might Be the Camp Classic You Wanted From Left Behind


According to the official website of Final, this movie is actually in theaters now – though I suspect it needs an updating. I have never heard of it, but I suppose it’s possible. Filmed in seven countries, this is a Rapture movie that apparently spends a lot of time in Japan, where the filmmakers don’t seem to realize that the relatively small percentage of pre-tribulation Christians would make their disappearance almost unnoticed, if it happened.

Alas, if only we could have gotten Nicolas Cage to participate in exchanges like:
“The Rapture happened.”
“The Rapture, what is that?”
“You don’t wanna know, lady – you don’t wanna know!”

“An impassioned defense of God in a world gone mad,” says Variety, in a parallel dimension other than this one. Quit fighting, people. If you guys could’ve pooled your resources this might have been something.