The Vinyl Judgment! Designer Judge Dredd Figure Is More Comic Than Urban


Despite what Karl Urban appears to think, you’re not likely to see his Dredd on the big screen again, nor any officially licensed toys based on his version. But a little thing like an underperforming film isn’t going to stop Dredd from coming to toy shelves, even if he has to get a little stylized to do it. Standing approximately 10 inches tall, this Mega-City One enforcer has comic-accurate colors and a physique more befitting his debut appearances (albeit not explaining how he manages to lug those huge shoulder pads around).

Unbox Industries’ Judge Dredd will feature articulation at his wrists and mid-thighs, and is currently in the final stages of testing, because the law needs no flaw.

Try customizing one with a removable helmet just to piss off the purists.