The Walking Dead SPOILER Recap/Talkback – “Strangers”


So this week I actually saw it in time, and have some thinkings…

-Please tell me there wasn’t a post-credits thing again this week, because my DVR keeps cutting it off early.

-Speaking of which, how the fuck do you do that last week and have no payoff at all in this episode?

-You’re a Latino priest? Hmm, I wonder what your name is. Gabriel? Really?

-Canned food drive right before the zombies hit? I can’t tell if this is supposed to be an obvious lie, or just the awkward storytelling we sometimes get.

-So Sheamus is legit bothered by Michonne bashing a zombie’s head in, rather than, oh, I don’t know, maybe wasting a bullet? Are ya all roight, fella?

-Oh, wait – he gets them all on board by plying them with booze. Communion booze at that. Because he’s Irish. (Don’t tell me he isn’t.)

-Rick’s group are the only survivalists in the history of ever to believe that Washington D.C. and the government have ordered something efficiently.

-“Three Silencers in a Mini-Fridge” should be the sequel to the movie 8 Heads in a Duffel-Bag.

-So…zombie virus is contagious through biting, but getting into deep water that’s full of zombie bodily fluids poses no health risk whatsoever?

-Finally, a sexy librarian type for necrophiles.

-Cross on the back windshield of that car? Is someone deluded into thinking this is a vampire apocalypse?

-Damn. Looks like the only cannibals who survived are the boring ones.

Time to take your best shot…