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Final Trailer for The Hobbit: CGI Armies Run at Each Other



“You have but one question to ask: how shall this day end?”

As Gandalf lines go, that one’s not particularly strong, because it invites the smartass comeback “Seven different times! Just like the last trilogy!”

Still: Christopher Lee acting like a badass about a fight he’s gonna lose! Bats bred for war! I’m trying to be positive. Because the tagline does not, in fact, convince me this is the defining moment for Middle-earth – Isildur not destroying the ring, or Frodo actually doing it…those would be my top two choices for that honor.

Sorry, but I just can’t seem to care about giant CGI armies of characters I don’t know running into each other. The whole point of these stories is supposed to be that the smallest person can make a difference, so maybe it’s all ironic somehow.

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