X-Men Cast Its Apocalypse…and It’s the Llewyn Davis Guy?


Oscar Isaac is a fine actor, and obviously an “It Guy,” having also been cast in the new Star Wars sequel. But boy, is he the opposite direction from the Keith David/Dwayne Johnson fan speculation – I presume he’ll be either significantly digitally enhanced, or strapped inside a giant suit of some kind.

Apocalypse really has nothing at all in common with Isaac’s most famous role as folk singer Llewyn Davis, save this – as a villain, he too will ultimately never win.

For those underwhelmed by Mr. Isaac’s physique, here’s where there’s room for hope: look at any drawing of Magneto. Now ask yourself how big Ian McKellen’s muscles are. Likewise, look at Bolivar Trask in the comics, and then at Peter Dinklage. Bryan Singer may choose his cast oddly sometimes, but those choices generally don’t suck.

If you disagree, have at it in comments below.