Blu-ray Today: If You’re out Buying Blu-rays Today, It May Be Too Late



Today is not a good day for Blu-ray releases, which is just as well, because walking into any store that actually sells them today is going to be a nightmare, and unless you’re a die-hard fan of Otto Preminger films (not really our purview here, since he isn’t playing Mr. Freeze in any of them), it isn’t really worth it.

So this will probably be the shortest Blu-ray Today column ever. Because the only stuff worth releasing two days before Christmas should either be (a) an impulse-buy item nobody in a shoulder-to-shoulder Walmart crowd can resist; or (b) a set aimed only at hardcore fans who’ll buy it whenever, whatever. Most of today’s picks fall into the (b) category, and they all fall in the (c) category of “stuff I haven’t seen, and maybe will someday, but there really isn’t anything compelling me to do so any time soon”

Intruders: Season 1 – From The X-Files‘ Glen Morgan and The Blair Witch Project‘s Eduardo Sanchez comes pretty much exactly the story you’d expect – a secret society of people who can come back and inhabit new bodies after death. It stars John Simm and Mira Sorvino, which strikes me as an odd pairing.

Continuum: Season 3 – So…this is a bit like a Canadian version of Timecop, with Rachel Nichols instead of JCVD, right? Only way more complicated? And anti-corporate? Look, I’m not gonna read up every episode synopsis of the first two seasons to try to figure out what sounds like a whole bunch of paradoxes. Presumably you know you want this, if you do.

Dominion – Of all the movies I’d have thought for sure would never inspire any spin-offs, the Prophecy rip-off Legion was way up there. And yet it inspired this series, which has been picked up for a second season. Not bad for a B-movie released in January. I particularly love that the rebellious angels in this apocalyptic series are called “8-balls,” because it’s so rare that characters are quite so blatantly named after the drugs the producers have been doing. Bluntman and Chronic is the only other time I can think of, and that’s not even a real movie.

The Trip to Italy – Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon do another semi-improvised movie, this time going to Italy and randomly riffing on stuff. I include it here mainly because their Dark Knight Rises impersonations are a highlight.

Traffickers – Korean thriller about a former black-market, human-organ trafficker who gets his old gang back together when his girlfriend’s father is in trouble. I do like me some good old-fashioned onscreen organ removal.

And that’s pretty much it for today. Anything you’d add?

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