Roddy Piper Wants to Fight Cthulhu


…in a movie, of course. It’s starting as a crowd-funded short entitled “Portal to Hell.” Hell was the name of Piper’s character in Hell Comes to Frogtown, which had a plot that centered around his junk, but I don’t think this is a sequel about his butthole.

I’d show you the Indiegogo video, but it’s actually quite boring and barely features Piper at all. What is entertaining – and amusingly honest – is that it’s cheaper to donate and be thanked in the credits than it is to donate and not be thanked. That’s the first of these projects I’ve seen to allow for the fact that donors might be too embarrassed to get their names in the credits.

Also for $300 they’ll give you a Cthulhu tentacle. I’m sure it’ll come in handy while you’re watching Piper in the final film. Hence the potential embarrassment.

h/t SlyDante777