Nerdiest Sith Lord Ever Tries to Justify the Crossguard Lightsaber


It’s an argument that doesn’t entirely make sense at first…and yet, it kinda does, concluding with a point you can’t really debate.

And still YouTube commenters wanna argue, hilariously…

“I’ll tell you what I’ve said all the other places. The magnetic field would overlap over the non lightsabre bits, thus protecting the nonsabre parts from the plasma of the opponents lightsabre. ?”

“Feel free to correct me i’m not like hardcore fan but don’t Jedi and Sith practicly see few seconds into future thanks to Force? I always thought battle with lightsabers was about maintaining focus and distracting your enemy. Coz that i don’t see point of crossguard to protect your hand from another lightsaber.?”

“Well there is actually a lightsaber proof alloy that a jedia has used before… In fact, it actually shorts out lightsabers, idk why it isn’t more common?”

“there are 10 different materials that the emitters could be made from that are saber proof so the Jedi’s Whole argument s Wrong
Felucian Skullblade (and it’s alretnative wich can be made of Rancor Bone explains why Luke didn’t have r2 give him his saber then)
Mandalorian iron
Vonduun crab?”

What’s your argument? Aside from lightsabers being fairly impractical weapons to begin with?