The Cutest Li’l Ryu Figure Yells and Throws Illuminated Fireballs at You


Take the early 2000s McFarlane style of diorama figure, make it super-cute and Japanese, and you’d have BigBoysToys’ Street Fighter II diorama figures. The first, Ryu, features a light up fireball and sound effects, as well as a signpost you can place anywhere you’d like; Ken will come with flaming dragon punch effect, and they’ve been soliciting audience feedback on whether Guile should have a Sonic Boom or Flash Kick.

Eight are planned – presumably the original eight SFII non-boss characters (which sadly means no Bison, on Tuesday or otherwise). And each one runs around $90, which is about what you’d expect from import market prices nowadays.

Once you see and hear it, you may be swayed…