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Kneel Before This New 22-Inch Alien Figure, as It Kneels for You



I have NECA’s first 22-inch Alien figure on my shelf. It’s great. It looks just like I remember the xenomorph looking. I didn’t think there’d be a need for another.

So now, they’re all like, “Yeah, but can that one you have crouch? Can it fold its arms? Can it get on tippy-toes? Does it strike badass poses on all fours? Hell no, it can’t! We made it, so we know! But check this shizz out!”

And I’m all, like, “Dammit NECA, don’t make me keep giving you my money.” It never fails.

In five years, when they figure out a way to make one that literally sprays acid, this will happen all over again.

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