Top-Down Smackdown: Holy Crap, Billy Corgan’s Writing for TNA Now


Despite all his rage, he will book you a match in a cage. The Smashing Pumpkin-head hasn’t stopped his music career, but as of today, he’s adding to it, as “Senior Producer, Creative and Talent Development” of TNA wrestling, or Impact Wrestling, or whatever the hell it’s called now. Seriously, his first move should be to clarify that whole deal.

Corgan has been a wrestling fan all his life, and even booked a local promotion that was most notable for making a wacky furniture ad. He’s also not the first musician to book wrestling – Bob Mould was on WCW’s creative team for a while. In the interview below, Corgan says all the right things, even as he appears to be straining to convince us and himself that TNA is the major leagues, and that the move to a cable network nobody’s ever heard of was a good one.

Still, I am suddenly interested in TNA again. That was the point, right?

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via Uproxx