“O.G. Hamburglar,” a Spec Campaign/Fan Film, Shows McDonald’s How to Reboot Right


The new McDonald’s Hamburglar is fakin’ it and the #OGHamburglar isn’t takin’ it. It’s time to grab the power and the burgers back.

This isn’t an actual McDonald’s ad – just a proposal by a production company called Whiskey Tongue that demonstrates what an actual modern reboot of Hamburglar ought to be, versus what actually happened. Should the big McD show interest, I suspect the idea is to have the new Hamburglar fight “O.G. Hamburglar” [as Adweek helpfully reminds us, “(OG being slang, of course, for original gangster)”]

Technically, though, that’s NOT really “O.G. Hamburglar.” He used to be older and more borderline anti-Semitic caricature. We understandably prefer to forget that one, but maybe the kid-version can be Li’l G Hamburglar.

OGHamburglar from OGHamburglar on Vimeo.