Listen to the Douchey Pixels Theme Song and Long for the Days of Kenny Loggins


Did I say Kenny Loggins? This even makes me nostalgic for Will Smith’s “Wild Wild West” and “Nod Ya Head.” Scary thought: even those tunes are probably already “old music” to some of the people excited about Pixels.

From the oversimplified lyrics – “This is not a game” AND “Game on!” in the same chorus; really? – to the most basic rap rhymes and repetitions available in the human vocabulary, this collision between Waka Flocka Flame and Good Charlotte (has there ever been a more ironic use of the word “good”?) combines all that is lame in music today in one perfect storm of half-assitude that it attempts to cover with loud dubstep-ish beats and game-like beeps.

I wish more summer movies had hit singles like the old days, so in a way, I hate to strangle one in the crib – but this is giving me the same bad feeling as I had seeing Kevin James in the movie trailer. Now get off my lawn.