YOU Can Help Choose the Next 6-Inch Star Wars Black Series Figure!


It is a great honor to be involved for the first time in selecting the next Fan’s Choice Star Wars figure by Hasbro – and this time, it’s a 6-inch Black Series character!

Want even better news? Read on…

Topless Robot is one of several sites whose readers’ votes will be collected to decide the next figure, whose name will be revealed at the Hasbro Star Wars Comic-Con panel on July 10th. You have until June 30th at noon to do the following:

-Name five Star Wars characters you’d like to see as a Black Series figure. No rankings – our final tally of the five most popular choices that we send to Hasbro will be ranked, but until then all submissions will be considered of equal importance to the individual voter.

-Duplicate votes by the same person will be deleted.

-The only Star Wars characters ineligible for this vote are those from The Force Awakens. ANY other character from ANY version of Star Wars is eligible, including the old Expanded Universe, non-canonical characters that have been deleted by Special Editions (i.e. puppet Sy Snootles or Clive Revill’s Emperor), and all novels, comics, games and cartoons that have ever had any kind of official sanction by Lucasfilm. Though realistically, if Hasbro has pointedly avoided them before (think the Tonnika Twins, or Holiday Special characters) the Force will not likely be very strong with you.

-Note that if you choose an animated character, they will be done in realistic style. So if you ask for a Rebels version of Darth Vader, you’re basically just asking for the existing Vader that’s already out.

-Consider that obvious core characters like Lando in Bespin outfit or Wicket the Ewok are probably already in the works and are therefore possibly not necessary to spend a vote on here. Maybe Jar Jar, if that’s who you really want. And don’t vote for giant characters like Jabba’s Rancor, which obviously wouldn’t fit in 6-inch packaging.

-TO CLARIFY: I can ONLY take submissions in comments below. Please don’t email anything to me – most sites have registration policies for commenting, and ours, for better or worse, is Facebook at present.

– AND: you might want to double-check to make sure you aren’t voting for a figure that already exists, like IG-88.

It’s up to you, though. I will tabulate the votes, and the top five most popular choices will be sent to Hasbro. Choose wisely!