EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Concept Art Teaser for Mondo Toys’ Masters of the Universe Figures


As you may remember from my Comic-Con feature on Mondo Toys, deluxe 12-inch Masters of the Universe collector figures are coming, starting with He-Man and Skeletor.

While the full figures will be revealed in October at Mondo-Con, the image above is an exclusive look straight from the company at parts of the concept art, with the ram’s head on Skeletor’s sword a particularly nice touch.

I’ve seen and heard more detail that I cannot reveal at this time – suffice it to say that if you’re a fan of this property and thought Snake Mountain would bankrupt you this year, you’re in for a whole new level of wallet pain. Mondo’s figures will combine elements from all key interpretations of the core characters to make the ultimate 1/6 Masters collectibles, ensuring your purchase has the power.

(If you want to use this image, please credit and link back, and do not alter the image in any way. Mondo and I would appreciate it.)