Blu-ray Today: Samurai Shakespeare, Walking Dead, Last Dragon, Lego Justice League


Lego DC Superheroes: Justice League – Attack of the Legion of Doom! – Right upfront, I’ll say that I hope the Lego Batman movie is wittier than this amusing but slight cartoon that introduces the Lego Justice League to Martian Manhunter for the first time, breaks in Cyborg, and sees the origin of the Legion of Doom. It’s basically Super Friends, but slightly less dumb, and with a lot more things breaking and exploding, because that’s really fun to do in Lego.

With scant extras – there’s exactly one, a short about sound design – this probably isn’t worth full price to any but the most hardcore and/or extravagant parents. But if it’s being planned as a backdoor pilot for a regular TV cartoon, it’s not bad.

The Walking Dead: Season 5 – After the pilot of Fear the Walking Dead, I have to admit I’m beginning to miss Rick Grimes and his terrible accent. In an act of convenient timing, his most recent season is now available to binge, so that you can enjoy the Lennie James teases with the knowledge that he will, in fact, show up before you’re done. Season 4 felt like a bit of a time-filler, but from Terminus to Alexandria was a much more satisfying journey. The set contains the usual heavy amount of extras, and if you’re willing to pay $135, an elaborate zombie box to keep them in (a tad pricey compared to the $90 fishtank for season 3).

The Last Dragon: 30th Anniversary Edition – I’m ashamed to say I’ve never seen this Motown-infused martial-arts movie produced by Berry Gordy, though like everyone who lived through its release, I could very easily bust out its theme song, karaoke-style, on command…

The anniversary Blu-ray includes a director’s commentary and retrospective documentary short.

Vampire Hunter DBloodlust is the good Vampire Hunter D film – this original one hasn’t aged as well, with every anime cliche your non-otaku friends make fun of incorporated. This is a fairly bare-bones disc with a new dub that doesn’t seem to be pleasing many old-school fans.

Throne of Blood: Criterion Collection – Total must-see here, as Japanese master Akira Kurosawa reimagines Macbeth as a samurai movie. Find out firsthand what George Lucas has been trying to emulate for his entire career.

Play Motel – Sometimes you just have to let the Amazon description speak for itself: “A milestone production from Mario Gariazzo, notorious for his tasteless sexploitation epics such as The Sexorcist /LOssessa. Assembling here one of the worlds finest trash film collectives and eschewing all correct agendas, the director punctuates his fleshy tapestry with incredibly sleazy imagery involving Marina Hedmann/Frajese and Patrizia Di Rossi/Webley, the sluttiest actresses in Italian cinema. At the garishly lit Play Motel, these two warhorses and other bleached blondes are first seen being secretly photographed while having kinky sex. As the film serves also as a giallo, they are later stabbed to death by an assassin dressed in black. Conveying a sense of mad comedy, this inexhaustible supply of indignities and leopard skin underwear should be sought out at all costs.”

Those are my top picks for today. Anything else good out there?