Live-Action First-Person Shooter, in Real Time Over Chatroulette, is THE Coolest Thing


I’ve seen a lot of great stuff in the past few years as I’ve trawled the World Wide Web for the best content. I’ve seen fan fiction, fan films, fan games – but as a calling card for an independent film studio, this one takes the championship. Big-time.

These guys set up a first-person shooter scenario in their backyard, then randomly went on Chatroulette to see who would play it. When they found a user willing to type in “Start,” the show began, with said user controlling the first-person point of view via voice commands in a live battle against zombies and demons. I don’t know how many times they reset and did it all again, but the final edit suggests at least four and probably more.

No snark – I am blown away by this like a head-shot zombie on coke.

The making-of is worth a look too.