New The Good Dinosaur Trailer Still Feels Annoyingly Tear-Jerky


Among people I know who care about what wins the Oscar like it’s somehow a validation of their tastes, there has been some concern that two Pixar films in a year will split the animated feature vote and allow somebody else to win, like maybe Minions. To me, that is an outcome to be desired, but the more I see of The Good Dinosaur, the more I think they needn’t worry. Inside Out had an entertaining trailer, and this…has a sad dinosaur with a pet human who acts like a dog and looks like one of the Croods. The environments created for the film look stunningly realistic – but then every major character is rendered in what is rapidly becoming a goofy, soft Pixar house style. It’s time for them to break the mold a bit, and I hope their upcoming Day of the Dead film might do just that.

Meanwhile, you still get this thing that looks like a less-good Disney’s Dinosaur, or a belated attempt to compete with Ice Age. I’m sure it’ll have moments, but I really don’t think Inside Out has to worry.