Nike Debuts He-Man Sneaker for Kids as Part of New “Toy Collection”


If you’re wondering why Nike took a property that only middle-aged nerds like myself enjoy and decided to hope kids buy tie-ins, there is an explanation – they asked three popular athletes of the ball-throwing-into-hoop variety what their favorite childhood toy was. Kobe Bryant gave the right answer: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. I guess when you share your name with a prime cut of beef, it makes sense you’d appreciate toydom’s best beefcake.

LeBron James was more predictably boring in selecting the Little Tikes basketball hoop, while Kevin Durant chose Matchbox cars.

The He-Man-inspired shoes are available now, with the other two rolling out shortly thereafter. At $135, they are still cheaper than the Point Dread playset available on in a couple of days.