ROBOTIC GAMING MONTHLY – The Idea Factory (Hopefully)

The trailer cup runneth over again this month, so let’s see what we have…


…Nope, can’t think of anything to say here. I try to think of something to say about Overwatch and its latest trailer, but all that happens is that my jaw keeps dropping in glee. So just let the colorful, wild action and the lovable character designs speak for themselves, okay? Now if only I had more time for that open beta…

Hollow Knight

Shortly after this trailer debuted, several folks in the gaming press were quick to describe Hollow Knight with such terms as “sleeper hit,” “came out of nowhere,” and “the next Undertale,” among other ways to say they didn’t see this coming. And I’d just like to point out that I was already one hundred percent behind this game a whole year ago in this very column when I first backed it on Kickstarter, so if the finished product does indeed end up being a killer Metroidvania game even half as amazing as what we’ve glimpsed in this trailer, then I have every right to wave my ass in front of those people yelling “I!!! FRIGGIN’!!! CALLED IT!!!!” the loudest. Keep up the awesome work, Team Cherry.


Bless you, Drinkbox. Your dungeon crawler about hacking off countless monster limbs still looks just as incredible as when you first debuted it. I am salivating for this stylish number indeed…

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine

One of the prominent figures behind Gone Home is set to release a surreal, Americana-tinged adventure…and I am definitely into it. can’t wait to see more of such a visual and creative treat as it progresses..

New Danganronpa V3

Sooo…the new Danganronpa game will be a brand-new story, but the actual Danganronpa 3 will be an anime? I’m a bit confused, but…well, as long as it’s another damn fine game, I’m okay with that setup

Coffee Pot Terrarium

Well, the name alone was enough to get me to take a look at Coffee Pot Terrarium, and luckily for the two brothers behind this game, I loved what I saw. What we have here definitely looks like one unique turn-based strategy/puzzle game, and quite the striking one at that, so here’s hoping the final product winds up as incredible as it was attention-grabbing.


Because let’s fact it, any excuse to show more of the gorgeous platforming of Unravel is a good excuse, dammit.

Euclidean Lands

Because you can never have enough Rubik’s Cube-infused puzzle games, can you?


Shakedown Hawaii

So how do you top the 8-bit insanity that was Retro City Rampage when it comes to a sequel? Why, you move up a whole 8 bits, of course! It may be brief, but Shakedown Hawaii’s debut trailer definitely gets one excited for more top-down carnage, especially if the potential lies for an unlockable version of Tom Selleck to play as.

Mighty No. 9

Nope, the delays still can’t kill my excitement. Neither can the announcer here. Sorry, folks.

The Witness

In kind of a “less is more” case, The Witness eschewed a traditional trailer for its latest promotion in favor of a “Long Screenshot” showing off an aerial view of the first stretch of mysterious land you’ll be exploring. And in not saying anything, it has me captivated for yet even more when the game comes out next month. Do not let me down, Jonathan…


…Yep, it’s one of those games where if you say that you can tell what it’s about just by looking at it, then you’re probably lying.

Reverse  Reverse

Well, the entire concept of a puzzle-platformer where you either switch between or control two people at once isn’t exactly new, but then again, most of those games didn’t have cute anime girls thrown into the mix. Not to mention what appears to be a meta-angle about debugging a video game as a plot, so while the gameplay does seem tad basic, Reverse x Reverse looks like it might have enough charm to deliver one highly enjoyable puzzler in the end.


It’s a point-and-click adventure game about a talking dog that works a paranormal investigator alongside the ghost of a teenage detective that all takes the form of a reality TV show. So yeah, with that kind of premise, Poltergus was destined to wind up on my radar. The fact that it looks like one damn clever game helps as well, and if you agree, chip in a little for their Kickstarter campaign.

Kido: Ride on Time

I usually don’t feature trailers for overseas games unless there’s a definitive chance that we may ever get to see them on this side of the pond, but damned if I’m not a sucker for beat-’em-ups where you get to wield unbelievably large weapons. And of course, it just looks damn amazing, so here’s hoping somebody decides to deliver a taste of Kido to us as well.

Masquerada: Songs and Shadows

Speaking of video games coming out of Asia, the creative and promising action-RPG known as Masqueradea is now set to come out on the Playstation 4 as well as PC. definitely some good news for Singaporean title, especially after word that the government may try to censor the game. Considering that what I’ve played of it was enjoyable indeed, here’s hoping the game makes it to as many people possible, uncut and true.

Song of Horror

Well, there’s still a gaping hole left in our hearts by the lack of Silent Hills, so let’s hope that another psychological survival horror game like Song of Horror can help fill the void. And considering that the finished game will have sixteen playable characters to keep alive, according to their Kickstarter campaign, it sounds like it’ll at least provide a good challenge as well. Creepy and impressive, here’s hoping we see more later on.

And thus we reach the end of another edition of Robotic Gaming Monthly! Feel free to leave any comments offering suggestions, questions, additional discussions on what we talked about, or messages about how much we suck, and remember, creativity is one of mankind’s most precious gifts…and so is The Talos Principle, so get moving with those contest entries. So see you next time, and thanks for dropping by!
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