Cosmic Love: Season 2 announced!

Ever since I was asked to do voices for the original release of Cosmic Love in 2015, I’ve loved the story. I’ve been so happy to be able to give it a new home and new audience on the Topless Robot Podcast Network! Now I have the pleasure of telling you that there will be a second season! Here’s what creator Amy Thorstenson had to say about it.

Welcome back to Cosmic Love! A lot has happened in the real world since Season 1 was released in 2015, and a lot has happened on Pleasure Sphere 64 too. Last season’s terrorist attacks became an excuse for a fascist government to take over, led by egotistical idiot President Joot Blark. Now I wonder where the inspiration for that could’ve possibly come…

If Season 1 was about how to let your freak flag fly and fight against a vocal minority of haters, Season 2 is about how to cope when those haters are the government itself. It’s about being an ally, joining the Resistance, and how to reprogram your evil Nazi robot. And don’t worry, Madam Xandra still finds the time to answer some sexy love questions along the way.

If a three-headed-pony heist, a daring prison break, or finally meeting the famous Nebula Jim sounds like fun, tune in to Cosmic Love Season 2, premiering Thursday May 30th.

And remember, there’s nothing between the docking bays.

If you give this a listen in the clips above, you’ll be treated to a sneak peek at one of the in-universe ads from Season 2! Be sure to subscribe so you’re ready for the debut of season 2, exclusively on Topless Robot!