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TR Contest: The Worst Thing You Ever Did to a Toy



It’s been a rough week at Topless Robot. The cracks are starting to show in the Watchmen facade. There’s a giant evil unicycle in Transformers 2. The Lord of the Rings kids were miffed by by lack of Tolkien knowledge, then I pissed off one of the Whitest Kids U Know. Plus, I read a fan fiction where a man takes a Pok?mon as his own, personal sex slave — I’ve said too much.

So now it’s time for me to heal while you all feel awful. I want confessions — confessions of the most evil thing you ever did to an action figure, vehicle or playset (yours or someone else’s). No actual trauma like last time — if I get genuinely sad reading your tale, then you’re disqualified. But you cry, and I laugh, then that’s fine.

As always, the rules are here, and the contest ends on Monday the 23rd at 3 am, EST. I’m expecting plenty of fireworks and burial tales, but I’m hoping for more. Show me you guys
are truly the twisted bastards I’ve suspected you of being.