Geek Apparel of the Week: Warren Ellis F@#ked My Childhood

You might recall last week that I put out the call for the Topless Roboteers to find me the above woman, who made her own shirt based on my hilarious yet heartfelt quote regarding G.I. Joe Resolute and Warren Ellis’ cock. You guys did well; the lovely Lady Linton contacted me and we quickly came to the agreement that 1) I am awesome and 2) her shirt is awesome, so I wanted to make sure you guys had the chance to pick one up. Her store is here — the shirts come in a variety of sizes and colors, so that even children can wear one, which is really disturbing when you think about it, and might actually get Ellis arrested (if you put a child in one of these shirts, I demand pics). Remember, by buying this shirt, you’re not only supporting Topless Robot, but some girl you don’t know, and Warren Ellis’ penis. Can’t beat that. *cough*