TR Contest: Most Shameful Con Moment


Trying to use a mouse with this splint is killing me. I actually have blisters and my hands from where the splint has worn away my flesh as I’ve typed and copied and pasted, all for your amusement. I hope it was worth it, you bastards. And now, this injured man will try to give away another free t-shirt to you horrible ingrates, with this week’s theme inspired by a suggestion from TR commenter MyNoNos, shortly after he accused me of having a secret fondness for pee-centric fan fiction: Most Shameful Con Moment.

Cosplay gone wrong? A horrible skit at the masquerade? Someone bought some horribly inappropriate merchandise? Thrown out for stalking a Slave Leia? You let me know. The normal rules are here, but there are some bonus rules this time:
? You had to have seen it personally, or at least attending the con it happened at.
? Nothing X-rated. I want no stories of horrible con orgies starring fat people or perverts from ADV Films.
? Make it 200 words max. Seriously, I’m getting too many entries for these contests — a good problem to have — but if your entry goes on too long, I’m just going to have to skip it, okay?

And that is that. The contests ends at 3am EST on Monday, April 4th. Hopefully there will be honorable mentions next Monday, but it likely depends if I can get this damned splint off — try to forgive me if I can’t. And don’t forget that tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day, so take a trip to your local comic store. Make sure to use the restroom before you go, or at least travel with the piss-loving Jedi master of your choice.