Sexy Costumes Most Nerd Girls Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead In

Offered without comment a slew of new outfits from Costume Craze:

? Sexy Wolverine

sexy wolverine.jpg

?? Sexy Cobra Commander (although it’s obviously an officer)


?? Sexy Transformers

sexy transformers.jpg

?? Sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


?You know, there’s a line between “sexy” and “prostitute” — and it’s not even that fine a line. It’s pretty thick, actually. And yet these costumes have crossed over it, leaving “Sexy” far behind to stand firmly on the “Prostitute” side. Also, I am genuinely afraid that Sexy Care Bear is on its way, and, upon seeing it, all of us who read last week’s FFF will burst into flames.