There’s a New Muad’Dib in Town


?You may recall that Peter Berg was set to direct a new Dune movie; Berg having helmed Hancock, The Kingdom and the Friday Night Lights movie. No longer — apparently Pierre Morel is going to direct it, and he did Taken and the French parkour film District B13 (not at all to be confused with District 9). I’m trying to suss out how I feel about this. Most of my good will for Berg is based entirely on Friday Night Lights, although it’s worth noting that Berg left Dune to make the Battleship movie — yes, as in the Hasbro game Battleship. Now, I liked both Taken and District B13, but they were like candy bars — you enjoy them while you’re watching them, but not ultimately satisfying. But maybe Morel’s been stuck with action films and has some crazed auteur ready to Bene the fucking Gesserit out of Dune. I guess we’ll see. (Via /Film