All Hail Galactus, Devourer of Shelf Space

I would like to report an error on Topless Robot. A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned Hasbro’s SDCC exclusive 19-inch Galactus figure, and I wasn’t that excited. And just last week, that same Galactus figure didn’t even make the cut for our list of best SDCC exclusives. I just figured that 19-inches isn’t much bigger than the Marvel Legends Build-a-Figure Galactus, and although I know he’d be on a card, I guess I couldn’t really see it in my head.

And then Hasbro sent me one.

galactus card.JPG

Guys, this thing is fucking awesome. Look at it, standing next to my Xbox 360 and 50-inch TV for scale! He’s enormous! His cardback’s enormous! I’m all for taking toys out of their packaging, but the insanity of this giant blister card is just too amazing — but if you wanted to mount him on your wall in true toy nerd fashion, I swear you’d need to find a support beam to hang this guy onto, because he’s just so damn big and heavy. He’s a helluva lot of toy for $60 (he has light-up eyes and a voicechip,

Anyways, the point is this thing is totally amazing, and I regret the error of not being totally stoked about him for two separate occasions. Check out Galactus’ even larger carrying case after the jump, if you’re so inclined.

galactus box.JPG