First Captain America Movie Set Pic / Freak-Out / Hissyfit


Okay. 900 or so of you have sent me the pics from the Captain America movie set, and about 850 were also freaking the fuck out. Yes, Chris Evans’ stunt double — because that is a stunt double up there, and not Evans himself — does look a bit goofy, and the wings painted on the side of his motorcycle helmet make it look like a set pic from the horrible ’70s Captain America show. More importantly, the top half of his uniform looks like some kind of fucked up Captain America pajamas more than… anything else, really.

But I’m not freaking out, and I don’t think you should either. I may be wrong, but to me that looks like a protective/cushioned suit made to look like a Captain America costume — you know, something a stunt double might wear when doing a stunt involving a motorcycle. I don’t think it’s actually what Chris Evans will be wearing as Cap. In this theory’s favor is that fact that the outfit above doesn’t much resemble the concept art of Cap’s costume that got released a while ago; if you’ll recall, the Thor art was dead-on, so there’s no reason to suspect Cap’s won’t be also.

Hey, maybe we’ll get a real pic of Evans as Cap later today and he’ll be wearing a red, white and blue clown costume. I say we just freak out then. Because I’m not sure the above pic is cause for concern. (Via The Daily Mail)