Star Wars Trifecta: Toy Exclusives, The Droids Go Shopping, Awesome Limited Edition Poster

Tie fighter.jpg


? Rebelscum has a complete list of the rest of this year’s exclusive toys, from the recently released Jabba the Hutt that Walmart is offering (alert the parent groups: It promotes obesity, sex slavery and smoking) to The Clone Wars‘ version of Boba Fett’s Slave I. There are also vehicles in retro-themed boxes like the wonderful Tie Fighter you see above that Target is offering. A good chunk of this stuff is already available in stores, so be sure to check out the link and see what items of plastic heaven you need to go spend you rent/cheeseburger money on.

? For some reason, the new UK commercial for Currys PC World Megastore you see above has been lighting the Internet on fire for the past day. Maybe it’s the meta thrills that come from watching C-3PO play The Force Unleashed II that have captured people’s imaginations. (Or it could be how R2 clearly wants to fuck the pink vacuum cleaner in the commercial). Personally, I think Star Wars ads have been downhill ever since 1979’s anti-drunk driving PSA, but at least this spot shows that R2-D2 hasn’t completely overcome his delinquent ways. (Via Gizmodo)

Luke's Destiny.jpg

? Earlier today, Mondo Tees released the limited edition “Luke’s Destiny” poster by artist Frank Stockton. Despite having a price tag of $50, it sold out in under 20 minutes. However, Mondo main man Justin Ishmael is hinting that more may be available in the coming days so if you blinked and missed out you’ll get a second chance. Keep checking Mondo’s Twitter feed for more details. It is your destiny.

(Update: Nope, the poster is gone. Ishamel was referring to a special Trick ‘r Treat print, the details you can read about here. Still, it was a nice dream while it lasted).