TR Contest: Caption Captain America Grabbing His Crotch



Oh, you knew it was coming. Actually, I almost decided to run the Magic: The Gathering card dress girl, but you guys had too many awesome lines in the comments for that pic already. So Chris Evans as Steve Rogers grabbing onto this dick for dear life while screaming it is.

Captions or things Cap could be yelling are both fine. And also things Chris Evans could be yelling while on the Captain America set, I guess. Although I always regret it on Monday, you guys can each have two entries — I always swear on Mondays that I’ll limit you to one entry each and cut my work down, but then Friday rolls around and I hate the idea of stifling your creativity. So two entries, keep ’em short, and the contest ends on Monday, 12:01 am, on October the 4th.

Have a great weekend,  and don’t forget the Kansas City Harlots are playing the Milwaukee Whores on Sunday Night Slutball. Go, Fightin’ Harlots!