Firefly’s 15 Best Chinese Curses (and How to Say Them)

10) Panda Piss
熊貓尿 ・ Shiong mao niao

The Canton settlement on Higgins’ Moon is populated by “Mudders” — indentured peasants who harvest mud from the bogs for processing into ceramics.

Their drink of choice is a concoction called “Mudder’s Milk”, a fermented beverage similar to beer with enough protein, vitamins, and carbs to keep the workers nourished, and enough alcohol to incapacitate them at night.
When our intrepid crew pays a visit to Canton on a job, Jayne is recognized by the townsfolk — who due to a complex set of circumstances erroneously believe him to be a hero (they built a statue in his honor and everything).

It’s at the local tavern where Jayne is outed by the Mudders, and once they ascertain his identity, the bartender yanks the bottle of “Milk” out of Jayne’s hand, refusing to let the Hero of Canton drink that “熊貓尿” and pours him a glass of the best whiskey in the house (given the overall condition of the establishment, we assume that “best” is extremely relative).