Firefly’s 15 Best Chinese Curses (and How to Say Them)

12) Extraordinarily Impatient Buddha
真沒耐性的佛祖 ・ Jen mei NAI-shing duh FWO-tzoo

Inara enlists the aid of the Serenity crew when a wealthy, evil douchenozzle (one of the numerous wealthy, evil douchenozzles who populate the Firefly universe) threatens a brothel run by her old friend Nandi (the lovely Melinda Clarke).

Anyhoo, Nandi and Mal start getting cozy during their preparations for the coming battle, and after examining her impressive guns (insert pun here) they engage in a little pre-firefight bedsport.
Nandi uses this phrase immediately prior to giving Mal a yard of tongue.

From what we have come to understand, the phrase is supposed to express Nandi’s frustration with Mal’s gentlemanly attitude. Apparently, the Captain had the Madam quite hot and bothered — and she grew all the more bothered the longer he took to make his move.

We don’t quite get how describing an Asian religious icon’s lack of patience is supposed to make for good pillow talk, but spoken in a husky whisper by the likes of Melinda Clarke, we figure a page from the phone book would probably sound erotic.