X-Men: First Class’ Second, Third and Fourth Photos


?Perhaps trying to minimize the damage of the hastily photoshopped together cast photo that accidentally got leaked on the interwebbernet yesterday, Fox has released three actual pics. The one with the most cast members is on top; unfortunately, since they’re out of their uniforms I have no idea who any of those people are, with the exception of Fassbender as Magneto and MacAvoy as Professor X, of course. I’ll happily accept your help in the comments. Now, the second photo is just Professor X and Magneto playing chess with each other, and it’s pretty boring, so I’m skipping it. But the third…


?Yes, that’s a significantly better pic of January Jones as Emma Frost, in a white leather cat suit instead of her normal wonderbra thing. I’m not complaining. But actually, I’m even more pleased to see this first pic of Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw. How fucking pimp does he look? Very pimp, I say! His ’60s hair is just killing me with awesomeness, and has given me a reason to be excited about the movie (although January Jones is certainly pleasant to look at, there are plenty of places to ogle her online, so she’s not as big a draw for me movie-wise as some). So, what do you guys think? Feeling better? Worse?