Let’s Play a Fun Game with This Song from the Spider-Man Musical

Here’s the game: See how long you can listen to Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark‘s “Rise Above,” performed by Reeve Carney (Peter Parker), Jennifer Damiano (Arachne Mk. II) and T.V. Carpio (Mary Jane) on Letterman last night before you start punching yourself in the head at the intolerable pretentiousness of it. Man, I thought “Boy Falls from the Sky” was bad, and it was, because it was a song written by Bono and the Edge. But it was for all intents and purposes a pretentious rock song. This is a pretentious musical song — meaning a song written by extremely pretentious people in the most pretentious musical format possible. The pretension has been multiplied exponentially. In summary, I started trying to beat myself unconscious when Carney sang  “When the ones who run the firehouse / are the one who start the fire”, which is unfortunate as that was the first fucking line. (Via The Audio Perv)