Reminder: The Doctor Is In This Weekend


?In case you’d somehow possibly forgotten, the sixth season of Doctor Who premieres this Saturday at 9pm EST on BBC America, and 6pm London-y time on BBC One in Ye Olde England. There have been a jillion new clips and shit from the premiere episode released today, but since we’re going to actually see the damn thing tomorrow, I figure I’d just run this silly picture of the Doctor with his cowboy hat.

Not unrelated: Topless Roboteer Rengeek81 is running in his local American Cancer Society-benefiting Relay for Life as part of Team Geek — they even set up a TARDIS tent and everything. Well, if you happen to be one of those people who are thoroughly pissed that cancer took away Doctor Who‘s Elisabeth “Sarah Jane” Sladen earlier this week at the too-young age of 63 (and Nicholas “The Brig” Courtney a couple of months earlier) then you might want to consider sponsoring rengeek81 and Team Geek with a donation right here, just as a big “fuck you” to cancer. Team Geek’s goal appears to be $250 — I think we can possibly manage that, eh, folks?