The Triumph and the Tragedy of Monster Brawl

If you remember waaaaay back in August of last year, I posted a little article about an upcoming movie called Monster Brawl, where classic and non-giant movie monsters wrestling each other. Sounds amazing, right? Well, apparently the actual trailer came out a few months ago and keen-eyed Topless Roboteer John A. passed it along to me. It… well, let’s just say it looks like a movie Dave Foley would star in, because it is. I was thinking it would be more classic Universal Wolfman and Frankenstein’s monster and less “Swamp Gut” and “Witch Bitch.” Still, as far as I know, this is the only movie to star a mummy, Dave Foley, “Zombie Man” and Jimmy “Mouth of the South” Hart simultaneously, so that’s gotta be worth something, right? Right? No? Oh well. I’ll get drunk and probably watch it anyway.