Checking In with Mrs. Optimus Prime

Early in 2010 I ran an FFF titled “When Optimus and I Fell in Love,” a fic by Bonita Prime (not her real name) who went by the nom de plume “TheRealMrsOptimusPrime.” I hate to make assumptions like this, but I believe she had a bit of a crush on the fictional leader of the Autobots. Anyways, like all fan fic authors, I’ve often wondered about Bonita, whether she outgrew her crush, got help, or was arrested breaking into the Transformers 3 set. Topless Roboteer Dr. Oddfellow provided the answer:
This particular video is from March of this year, but she’s uploaded videos as recently as last week, so I think we can say she’s exactly where we left her — in the strong, metallic and somewhat imaginary arms of a sentient truck-robot.