Um, Fan Fiction Friday Just Defeated Me


?I’m kind of marginally sorry to report that there will be no Fan Fiction Friday today. It’s not because I need a break, although I always kind of need a break. It’s because I was actually defeated by one. See, I actually worked on one for the last few hours.. specifically an erotic fan fic about Sen from Spirited Away having a very unfortunate time with Noh-Face. I’m sure you can guess the content.

Well, I was trucking along, making my jokes while the author went out of his way to describe the 10-year-old Sen getting really, really brutally, disgustingly… you know in incredible detail. And it quickly got to the point where the fic stopped being weird and depraved and gross and insane and funny like most FFFs to the point where I couldn’t make jokes to it anymore because it was just so awful and upsetting. This fic was so thoroughly, disturbingly single-minded in what it was describing that there was really no amount of comedy that could dull the horror of it. And by reproducing it on TR, I wouldn’t be entertaining anyone, I would just be… I don’t know. Spreading its awfulness, I guess (which is why I’m not running it without commentary, either).

I tried to find another fan fic to run, but seriously, after reading that story, I just can’t. I tried, but the Spirited Away fic killed my erotic fan fic-mocking powers, at least for today. I imagine things will be back to normal next week. Sorry for the inconvenience.